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Subject: **s*x B4 MARRIAGE**
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bling18 17.06.08 - 07:44am
My body says Yes but my heart says No. What do url think i shud do? *

kayster 12.07.08 - 11:27pm
How blingy my papa lol, my angel use ur head, thats what its there 4, d0nt d0 sumfin u g0nna regret....x x x(,) *

bling18 13.07.08 - 11:19pm
Aww. Ur so caring yet u so d*mn cheaky. Mwah. *

kayster 15.07.08 - 06:30pm
Lol, shurup munki. Mwahz me la view l0tz, just make da ryt ch0ice papa. blowkiss.GIF *

bling18 15.07.08 - 07:35pm
Aww.flowers4u.GIF i hope u lyk marigold. *

bling18 15.07.08 - 07:41pm
Even tho its stolen frm da prayer auntys garden, i had u in mind wen i took it. *

kayster 16.07.08 - 05:49pm
Lmao, aiyo khanna numind ma i'l take it lol.GIF *

bling18 17.07.08 - 01:21pm
lol. U lyk free things ay. *

bling18 17.07.08 - 01:32pm
rose.GIF i paid 4 dis1 tho. *

kayster 6.08.08 - 10:55am
Hey ima charou of course we like free thingz, oh btw u neva c i put da marig0ld in my air hit luks so beautifull lol girl6.GIF *

ladiexxx 22.01.11 - 11:26pm
s*x b4 marriage z bad.i had s*x wth ma bf bt nw he is gone.ul com n regret tht s*x of urs b4 mariage. *

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