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Subject: Pta
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durbdude 10.02.10 - 08:43am
Am still kinda new to pta, but im sure theres plenty of dbn ind in pta, right? *

durbdude 29.07.11 - 05:54am
I guess not *

mrtzn 21.10.11 - 12:49am
Dbn indians are plenty in pta north and centurion. Medunsa has many students frm dbn. I myself am a dbnite *

ash4frnd 1.09.14 - 12:07pm
Hi bby r u on watsapp skype yahoo msnger tangoo line nimbuzz b wechat viber or kik add me +919883695437 o 3456 BBM 75248E4D/7e06efae *

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